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Human management

Human management

Talent Concepts

Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development. In order to seek long-term development, our company actively taps human resources and focus on constructing all levels of personnel. The company insists on personnel philosophy of "Human resources are the primary resource", adheres to the principles of human resource development of “internal cultivation is main while external introduction is auxiliary", employment standard of “both ability and integrity”, and the incentive mechanism of "personal development and reward in parallel", and builds its own distinctive human resources management system.

We consider people as the most valuable treasure for the enterprise’s development. Our talent team is built on the following three bases: First, the long-term strategy serving for the Company; second, the creation and innovation serving for the company’s sustainable development; third, the career development serving for the employees. We dedicate to establishing a mechanism for talent selection, cultivation, deployment and retaining to advocate fair competition, self motivation, self-discipline and enable the excellent performer stand out above the rest, thus to inspire employees’ potential to the greatest extent and promote the common growth of of both Daelim and the employees.