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Project Design

Project Design

On the basis of some basic information provided by the customer, we’ll entrust an experienced designing institute to collect parameters related to design and analyze those data, confirm their correctness and rationality, and conduct basic design. We’ll also carefully study previous associated project experience and learn lesions from relevant accidents, and based on this to improve the project design. Through our analysis, you can get correct and reasonable design parameters, lay objective preconditions for next design step, and ensure scientific and cost-effective design. The high-quality team of engineers from the designing institute can have a well-conceived and sufficient technical talk with you, submit a superior design scheme as required by you, supervise and manage project implementation for you, and control quality, construction period and cost.

(1) Project overview: mainly involving project characteristics, building lot characteristics, construction conditions, etc.

(2) Construction scheme: covering confirmation of overall construction sequence and construction flow, mainly including classification of sub-works, selection of construction method, division of construction periods, selection of construction machinery, preparation of technical and organization measures, etc.

(3) Construction schedule: mainly involving division of construction process and calculation of quantities, sum of labor, mechanical quantity of affecting, staff number of construction teams, daily work shift, and duration of work.

(4) Construction preparation and work plan: mainly involving technical preparation, site preparation, preparation of mechanical equipment, tools, materials, components and semi-finished components, and preparation of work schedule before construction.

(6) Construction plan: mainly covering layout of construction machinery, temporary processing site, material, component warehouse and storage yard, as well as layout of temporary water and electric supply networks, temporary roads and temporary facilities.

Design preparation

i. Project establishment and approval

1. Sign the design contract

2. Confirm members and establish the project team

ii. Technical preparation

1. Project proposal

2. Type in official documents and agreements

3. Collect basic information

4. Survey on site construction conditions

5. Survey on professional conditions

6. Confirm the technical scheme


1. Back and forth between professional conditions

2. Complete the design conditions of different specialties

3. Examine on professional design conditions

Complete design

1. Design document review

2. Countersignature for each specialty

3. Specification inspection before warehousing

4. Copy, file and send documents

5. Completion report