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The Importance of Power Transformers

The Importance of Power Transformers

The Importance of Power Transformers 2014-02-21

Long distance power distribution cannot be achieved without power transformer. It will be perfect to term transformers as the lifeline of power transmission, in the absence of which we will only have defunct factories and nights plunged into darkness. What role exactly do Power Transformers play and why are they an inseparable part of electric transmission systems? The following section will provide you the answer to the question. Besides, here you’ll also get to know about the working of a transformer.

Power Transformers: Why The Need Arises?

Power generation takes place at power stations. Here, Alternating Current is generated at medium voltages. This power needs to be distributed to distant places. Now according to laws of physics, if power is fed into high tension transmission lines at this voltage, the loss of power due to resistance will be very high making the distribution economically unviable. So, what’s the solution? The answer is Power Transformer.

What Power Distribution Transformers Do?

The previous section highlights a problem and shows Power Transformers as the solution. There are two types of Power Transformers that are employed in the Power Distribution Systems. Step up Transformer increases the voltage of the alternating current to such levels that power can be transmitted through high tension cables with little loss of energy. At the point of end use, there are step down transformers that lower the voltage to levels that are practical for appliances in homes. So, by the combination of two types of Power Transformers economical distribution of power over long distance is achieved.

Applications Of Transformers

Transformers comprise of a core, two coils primary and secondary, and a protective enclosure that safeguards the internal set up from dirt, moisture and mechanical damage. They find application in power transmission and electronics.