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Deputies proposed: UHV product development included in the national support project

Deputies proposed: UHV product development included in the national support project

Deputies proposed: UHV product development included in the national support project 2014-03-21

"To achieve commercial operation of UHV AC power transmission and transformation equipment demonstration project, fully reflects Chinese power transmission’s technical strength and advanced level."

The National People's Congress, party secretary derived people put forward, "that suggested the state take 1000KV,800KV of high voltage AC and DC power transmission and distribution equipment into the national key strategic."

Equipment manufacturing industry has made great progress

Equipment manufacturing industry is an important symbol of national industrialization, modernization level and the comprehensive national strength, "eleven five" period, the state macro-control policy to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing enterprises have made great progress.

Especially with the ability of independent innovation of enterprises to improve the national equipment manufacturing, the serious influence of the financial crisis , Equipment manufacturing industry still made contrarian growth.

He said, with the 1000KV high-voltage AC power transmission and transformation equipment first commercial operation in China, paints an attractive blueprint picture for China's UHV grid.  With the developing of  UHV power transmission in China, UHV test and demonstration project  put into operation , it has opened up a new chapter in the development of power industry China.

Focus on original technology developed

The development of UHV transmission key equipment significantly enhance the level of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises. It will lead the world electric power equipment and technology’s development.

To this end, he put forward relevant proposals:

1. It will lead the international special high-voltage power transmission and transformation of energy saving included in the national key strategic, forward-looking focus areas of technology research to strengthen the policy support project.

2. The manufacturing who enterprise independent, The state will protect national industries, continue to maintain the leading development of the electric power equipment and technology trends.

3. For our country the key equipment of UHV power transmission in the field of enterprise where we can’t completely independent development. Take exchange market for technology of joint production with the foreign , and gradually enhance the core competitiveness of Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises.

4. The transmission of key equipment manufacturing level not only to rely on the introduction of foreign advanced technology to upgrade, China should increasing independent innovation. Countries should fiscal policy relevant, key technologies of power transmission field (especially the bottleneck Technology) should give financial support. Enhance the domestic enterprises in the field of power transmission and transformation international, domestic market’s competition.