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Development Trend of Power Transformer

Development Trend of Power Transformer

Development Trend of Power Transformer 2014-03-28

Development trend of domestic distribution transformer industry

With the deepening of China's "energy saving" policy, the state encourages the development of energy-saving, low noise, intelligent power distribution transformers. Part of high-energy distribution transformers are not in line with industry trends, faced with technology upgrades, replacement demand will gradually be replaced by future energy, materials, environmental protection, low noise transformer. But to achieve a balance of power and power grid, our country still have the ability to improve transmission and distribution grid. Visible next few years, power grid construction, transformation of urban and rural power distribution is still the primary task of China's power industry, market demand is expected to remain over the distribution transformer strong growth rose.

Energy-efficient oil-immersed transformers

Oil-immersed distribution transformers divided by load loss S9, S11, S13 series, S11 series transformer compared to 20% lower than the S9 series, S13 series transformer load loss is 25% lower than the S11 series. Currently the State Grid Corporation of China has been widely used S11 series of distribution transformers, and is gradually Chengwanggaizao promotion S13 series, the next time S11, S13 series of oil-immersed distribution transformers will completely replace the existing network running in S9 series.

Although our distribution transformer industry is highly competitive, but with new technology, new materials, new processes of production enterprises more opportunities than challenges. Under the state's industrial policy and the "energy saving", driven by the industry's smaller, weaker corporate R & D capabilities will be phased out, with the energy-saving, low noise, intelligent distribution transformer product development and production capacity of enterprises will further expand its market share, the vast future market prospects.

Amorphous alloy transformer

Amorphous alloy transformer both the energy efficiency and economy, its distinguishing feature is the no-load loss is very low, only about 20% S9 series of oil-immersed transformers, in line with national industrial policy and energy saving requirements of the grid, it is currently an effect  ideal for energy-saving of distribution transformers, especially for rural power grids and other low load rate place.

Although the National Development and Reform Commission as early as 2005 began to encourage and promote the amorphous alloy transformer, but subject to raw material production capacity of amorphous alloy strip constraints of amorphous alloy transformer has not been large-scale production. Currently in use amorphous alloy transformer network operation accounted for distribution transformers accounted for only 7% -8%, only Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other areas across the country in large quantities using amorphous alloy transformer. With Advanced Technology of production of amorphous alloy strip production line, raw material constraints the problem is resolved, the next 5-10 years amorphous alloy transformer will be promoting the use of the country, a huge market potential.