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Asia-Pacific Region Transformer Market Development Prospect

Asia-Pacific Region Transformer Market Development Prospect

Asia-Pacific Region Transformer Market Development Prospect 2014-04-04

The massive increase in the demand for electric energy on a global scale is highly expected to drive the power transformers market over the next few years. Additionally, need for upgrading the old equipment is anticipated to be a significant success factor for profitability of these specific industry participants. But only cost is not attached with this upgrades, lots of safety factors are also planned and also some energy saving plans. Also new equipments are also designed in a way to save maximum energy and reduce the amount of energy loss.

Growing awareness globally regarding the importance of low carbon emissions and the demanding need for electric energy conservation has led us to the development of very smart grids and super grids. This is likely to be a considerable opportunity for electric market growth over the forecast period. Precariousness in the prices of needed raw materials such as Cold Rolled Grain, steel and crude oil is anticipated to act as a restraint to the industry in the upcoming years.

Power transformer which lies in configuration between 100 MVA and 500 MVA have subjugated the market, and accounted for 68.2 % of the overall revenue share in year 2012. Although the per unit cost of these power transformers is lesser than that of those which have higher power rating, they are likely to generate higher profits on account of increasing demand. Asia Pacific detained the largest share of Power Transformer Supplier, and the market in this region was esteemed at USD 6.85 billion in year 2012. It is also projected to be the fastest growing region, with an anticipated CAGR of 8.2 percent from 2013 to 2019.