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Dialysis the gap of development of domestic and foreign Power Transformers!

Dialysis the gap of development of domestic and foreign Power Transformers!

Dialysis the gap of development of domestic and foreign Power Transformers! 2014-05-08

Behind the strong international giants in the domestic market competition, on the one hand because of the enormous potential power equipment market in China; on the other hand, it reflects the Chinese enterprise great progress,especially in the aspect of quality, the domestic power transformer has become increasingly close to the international level, making the international giants have come up with "special skill" compete in the Chinese market.

Considerable level of quality with foreign products

It is understood that occupied the commanding heights of the world's technology industry, mainly to see the two figures transformers, product capacity and voltage level. Early in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China already is the world's electricity production and application of power transformers, but not power.

At that time, there are only a few companies able to produce 500 kV EHV transformer market share EHV transformer basically been monopolized by foreign giants. As China's first UHV projects launched, ushered in a domestic transformer business development opportunities, products, voltage levels and capacity ranks first in the world in one fell swoop, occupied the commanding heights of the technology development of the industry, while promoting a low voltage level transformer technology continues to mature and improve.

Prevent industry overcapacity

Transformer industry is serious excess capacity,I urge don't add transformer manufacturers. Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, responsible person transformer solemnly warned, "At present, China only TBEA, change security, change these three people in West local brands and businesses in the capacity of more than 500 million kVA, coupled with a total of 500 kV, 220 kV, 110 kV and 110 kV power transformer manufacturing the following products manufacturer's production capacity, China's transformer industry production capacity of about 30 million kVA, while the annual demand of the market does not currently over 1.3 billion kVA