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Chinese enterprises reached the world leading technology of distribution

Chinese enterprises reached the world leading technology of distribution

Chinese enterprises reached the world leading technology of distribution 2014-05-29

In March 17th , the State Grid Corporation appliances are working with nine complete sets of equipment design and manufacturing companies signed Sichuan - Shanghai ± 800 kV HVDC demonstration project master contract, which follows the end of last year UHV AC pilot demonstration project equipment at home first see uncertain after China's equipment manufacturing industry in the world, the commanding heights of power transmission and distribution technology is another major gains.

It is reported that Sichuan - Shanghai ± 800 kV HVDC demonstration project was given a total installed capacity of 38 million kilowatts of Jinsha River Basin Xiangjiaba, supporting Xiluodu hydropower project, its voltage level, transmission capacity, transmission distance tops in the world first, the world leader in technology HVDC technology development.


Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission to describe these contracts as "a major event in the history of China's UHV DC" and "equipment manufacturing industry a big wedding." He said, Xiangjiaba, Xiluodu hydropower electricity sent out, to be five lines with existing 500 kV with ± 800 kV HVDC lines are optimized for three of the conservation of land resources and investment, co-ordinate the use of environmental capacity, energy conservation will have great significance.


According to State Grid introduces, the main equipment purchases include research and complete system design, converter valve, control and protection system, converter transformers, dry-type smoothing reactors, DC field equipment, including 6 inches thyristor valves , 800-kilovolt high-capacity high-end converter transformers, etc. 4,000 Ping wave reactor and 800 kV casing equipment, are unprecedented in the world, represents the highest level of the world's HVDC technology.


Deputy General Manager of State Grid Corporation of Zheng Baosen said converter station equipment is a key determinant of UHVDC demonstration project can safe and reliable operation and progress of the works. The signing of the contract, as soon as possible will help us to fully grasp ± 800 kV DC transmission systems research, package design, engineering design, equipment manufacturing technology to ensure a reliable supply subsequent engineering capability to get rid of dependence on foreign technology, reduce engineering cost, enhance the level of domestic electrical industry.