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Energy saving and environmental protection of regulator transformer

Energy saving and environmental protection of regulator transformer

Energy saving and environmental protection of regulator transformer 2014-07-08

At present, the government attaches great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection. The country has begun to address the power of structural contradictions, change the past "re, for the light" tendency, development is the power grid construction, speed up the transformation of urban and rural power grid, we must resolutely eliminate the inefficient, high consumption, poor performance, safety facilities, electrical equipment to the development of energy-saving. The advantages of emperor financial transformer energy efficient, provides a good choice for electric power market.

What products are fastidious about saving and environmental protection. For transformer products have been developed, but also began to develop energy-saving environmental protection. Energy saving transformer includes two aspects. According to transformer factory engineer introduction, early in the operation of the transformer energy consumption, noise is big, the use of raw materials more.

On one hand the requirements of energy saving transformers to reduce energy consumption and noise operation, on the other hand should minimize the use of copper, iron, oil, insulation and other materials, to avoid excessive waste of non-renewable resources.

How energy saving, said transformer engineer in the design of the transformer to accurately calculate the product of the process of the technical parameters, and preferably the core wire, copper and iron to determine the appropriate ratio of the wire to produce a smaller vortex core and the structure of the additional possible loss of control at a low level. This can effectively reduce the amount of copper and silicon, while reducing load losses. Selection of high permeability, low loss silicon steel imported high quality manufacturing core, you can ensure that the raw materials from the transformer has a lower load loss and low noise performance.

Because of advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection of transformer manufacturing is also essential. Such as reasonable coil design, manufacturing low-voltage high current coil transposition wire is widely used, the transposition of ordinary wire, effectively reduce the eddy current loss and current loss of the coil; Advanced sealing structure design, high quality sealing components, precision metal parts tightly sealed, the welding surface using double-sided welding technology, strict inspection process tank, to maximize control transformer oil leakage during operation of the oil spill.