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Technical advantages of Chinese UHV

Technical advantages of Chinese UHV

Technical advantages of Chinese UHV 2014-07-30

Driven by the State Grid Corporation of national responsibilities and tasks - to ensure the supply of economic development with the support of China's power demand, supply safe, efficient cleaning power, make a resolution scheme as early as 2004 the State Grid Corporation prospectively, independent research and development program create China UHV grid.

For the development of UHV, State Grid from 2005-2012, took surpass 2 billion yuan investment in research and development. 50,000 scientific and technical personnel embarked on the difficult road of development UHV.

The first UHV experimental demonstration project put into operation to communicate built in 2009 as a symbol, Chinese with only four years to build communication transmission project the highest operation voltage, skill levels, leading with proprietary intellectual property rights. Facts have proved that China is ushering in the era of crack Needham problem. China Science and Technology Li chase different countries are at the intersection of two curves in the process.

UHV skills are moving towards internationa nowl. China State Grid Brazil made the construction of beautiful mountain ± 800 kV HVDC transmission line project of 2092 km. Engineering solutions with a total investment about $ 1.8 billion. UHV successful bid tell us, as long as the center of competition force of high skill, is no alternative, can grasp the opportunity, expand more space to the international arena.

UHV power transformer transmission skill innovation tell us, science and technology is not only productive forces, science and technology is one of the most important political capital, foundation and core of scientific skills not only reflect the comprehensive national strength, is more important "arms international political power game". Especially in the 21st century, who will come to grasp hold of the rights of highly skilled international discourse. UHV has taken the skills of innovation in small chess game, when the day really complete the transnational, transcontinental UHV power transmission, does not set a plate of global power in economic geography and even changes the new geopolitical chess game of politics it?