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How to reduce the loss of the transformer leads

How to reduce the loss of the transformer leads

How to reduce the loss of the transformer leads 2014-08-06

During operation of the transformer, regardless of quality, will have some losses, but which one is the lead loss, because when high voltage transformer low-voltage leads through the current time, it will generate resistive losses, and in fact lead loss should belong to the basic loss, but in the loss of the transformer is called the additional loss.

We lead a large current transformers, magnetic leakage must consider the impact on the lead through the transformer additional losses. Which is given in the operating current transformer, a leakage magnetic field of the drain lead is present with the field winding of the transformer, and the leakage magnetic field will be near the lead of the transformer winding and the eddy current loss generating additional losses, it lead shape, arrangement each other, as well as the structure and so inextricably linked.

It is understood that, in general, the use of dry-type transformers, the relative lengths of the leads will be relatively short, and current leads are not too big, the additional eddy current loss leads to leakage flux in the structure and the lead itself, and also Therefore, this situation is not a big problem, so it can be ignored, but if the current is too large, the leads will adopt a more narrow aluminum row facing the wall of the shell transformer arranged to do so, which in the same under the distance condition, parallel to the wall of the housing arrangement than when the loss will be much smaller.