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Transformer market entered a period of rapid growth

Transformer market entered a period of rapid growth

Transformer market entered a period of rapid growth 2014-08-20

The transformer is based on the electromagnetic induction principle to change the AC voltage of the device, the electrical equipment and radio circuit, it used for lifting voltage, impedance matching. At present domestic has certain scale of the transformer manufacturers more than a thousand, it can make the transformer, reactor, voltage regulator and its supporting components and other products.

    In recent years, our country electric power demand increases quickly, the high speed network construction and investment pulling power transmission equipment market. Large electric power construction funds for the transformer industry (including the transformers, reactor, component factory) has brought opportunities and challenges, urge the transformer industry got rapid development. Business intelligence data network, the first three quarters of 2011, China's transformer output of over eleven billion kilovolt-amperes, year-on-year growth of thirteen percent. With the power grid renovation project development, power grid upgrade speed accelerate, our country transformer production will still maintain rapid growth, is expected to 2015, China's transformer output will be more than twenty billion kilovolt-amperes

    Along with our country energy-saving policy unceasingly thorough, the country to encourage the development of energy-saving, low noise, intelligent power distribution transformers. High energy consumption distribution transformer facing technology upgrades, replacement demand, and the future will gradually be energy-saving, material-saving, environmental protection; low noise transformer is replaced by. Amorphous alloy transformer as energy and economy, which is characterized by very low no-load loss, accord with national industry policy and power energy saving requirements, is currently the most advanced energy saving effect; the using cost is also relatively economic distribution transformer products. In solves the noise problem, products are widely applied in city, rural places.

   The report shows, with the development of power grid construction and transformation of urban and rural distribution network continuously accelerated, transformer market demand is expected to remain strong growth. In 2010 China's amorphous alloy transformer market size of about eighteen billion RMB, with amorphous alloy transformer market promotion to accelerate, product application proportion increased gradually. The next ten years the amorphous alloy transformer market capacity will reach one hundred billion RMB, annual market capacity of more than ten billion RMB, a huge market space.

    The countries will encourage the development of energy-efficient, low noise, intelligent power distribution transformer products. Large scale of operation in the industry, strong R & D capabilities of large enterprises will face more opportunities for development.