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LW24-72.5 Dead Tank Outdoor H.V. SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker


This type circuit breaker can be mechanically three-phase gang-operated. Both remote eletrical control and local manual control can be realized. Due to high strength of outgoing procelain and low gravity center of interrupter by horizontal configuration.Duration of rated short-time withstand current is as long as 4 seconds.

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Product features

Thanks to excellent electrical field design and its perfect coordination with motion characteristics, breaking capacitive current may be without restrike. As for special breaker for switching capacitive load, back-to-back capacitor bank breaking current may be up to 1500~2000A.

Gas-flowing characteristics is so appropriate that its breaking inductive current has no chopping over-voltage. As for special breaker for switching inductive load, shunt reactor switching current may be up to 1500~2000A.

The product is entirely provided with latest advanced type CT20 spring operating mechanism. So it has low noise level, high mechanical reliability and mechanical three-phase gang-operation, and requires smaller space occupied, compared to that of normal single-phase operated circuit breaker, specially suitable for urban power networks and rural power networks retrofit projects.

After full routine test at factory, each circuit breaker is packed in a whole form with 0.05MPa SF6 gas filled in interrupter.

The frame is such designed that the products are specially suitable for retrofit projects of replacement of bulk-oil circuit breaker.

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