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LW36-145 type sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker are provided with two kinds of operating mechanism, spring and hydraulic type. There are advantages of minimized number of breaks, lower number of parts, simple structure, high reliability and long period of inspection. This type passed the international inspection and got KEMA test report in 2004.

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LW38-145 high voltage SF6 circuit breaker

LW38-145 open combinations are new type products which developed by our company. Compared with foreign similar products, the product can meet the needs of domestic electric power market. Our company can according to the different needs of users, not only design the layout form of flexible and varied, and can be Practice the whole substation a devices (including interval bearing busbar, tower, etc.) and the secondary equipment of general contracting. LW38-126 open combination electric appliance, advanced structure, good performance, technical parameters can completely satisfy the requirements of GB and IEC standards. The product has both closed-end structure tight combination Gather together, cover an area of an area small features, and has the advantages of open electric price is cheap, convenient maintenance, compared to the conventional power station to reduce its covers an area of about 60%, especially for city network and substation mountainous area and industrial and mining enterprises to choose.

The products include indoor and outdoor two arrangement forms and arrangement of each interval can be divided into the circuit breaker and measurement interval. Each interval are composed of fixed part and moving part of two parts. Fixed department Points, including isolation, grounding switch plug and on-site operation control cabinet, etc. Moving part in the base car while different electrical components assembled together can be mobile electronics module as a whole. Circuit breaker interval of movable parts can from type SF6 circuit breaker, current transformers and isolation of plugs, etc. Measurement interval of movable part consists of voltage transformer, lightning arrester and isolation of the plug, etc.

Product feature
Circuit breaker for a new generation can type SF6 circuit breaker, the spring operating mechanism. The structure of circuit breaker protection interval and test interval. Cars and earthing switch with electric operating mechanism, including circuit breaker, can be in situ in operation control cabinet for close control operation. From the on-site operation control cabinet to the secondary wiring for each of these components is plug type, you can also provide intelligent control cabinet, to realize unattended. A flexible connection mode, does not affect users continuous electricity maintenance. Overall layout simple and beautiful, can apply to indoor, can also be suitable for outdoor.

no. item unit data
1 rated voltage kv 145
2 rated insulation level 1 min power frequency withstand voltage, electrode, ground/fracture) dry 42/49
wet 34
Lightning shock compression (electrode, on the ground) 75
Lightning shock compression (fracture) 85
3 rated frequency hz 50
4 rated current A 3150
5 rated short circuit breaking current KA 20
6 rated short circuit making current peak KA 50
7 rated short time withstand current KA 20
8 rated short circuit closing current peak KA 50
9 mechanical life TIME 6000
10 rated short circuit breaking current breaking times TIME 30
11 weight kg 1400

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