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VAU-Type Combined Transformer

Our company imported internationally advanced technique and launched this international advanced combined transformer which owns exclusive internationally patent right.And the technique of product has reached the international advanced level .

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Main technical advantage

◆The combined transformer may occupy a small space,its volume is slightly bigger than current transformer in the same voltage level.

◆It can avoids the ferromagnetic resonance phenomenon completely because it is open-core structure on the voltage unit.

◆Primary winding of voltage transformer distributes along insulator height direction.The voltage optimum distribution can be achieved on the direction and the space is reduced greatly.

◆Putting the voltage transformer’s core and winding into cylinder porcelain insulator to make uniform distribution on weight inside transformer and improve production mechanical stability.

◆This combination transformer has the similar manufacture and assembly techniques as inverted current transformer.So the super voltage level product can be made easily.

◆The application of combined transformer can reduce space and investment of substation.Therefore,it is a perfect choice for high-voltage station.

type VAU-72.5 VAU-126 VAU-252 AVU-550
Highest voltage for equipment,kv 72.5 126 252 550
Frequency,hz 50hz or 60hz
Rated power-frequency withstand voltage,kv 140 230 395/460 680
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage,kv peak 325 550 950/1050 1550
Awitching impulse withstand voltage,kv peak - - - -
standard GB,IEC,ANSI or others
Clearance distance,mm 1250 1250 2120 4110
Outline dimension,mm a 400 400 450 480
b 540 540 580 610
d 780 780 780 910
Installation dimension,mm numberXdiameter of holes X φ20 Xφ20 X φ20 X φ26
Distance between holes 520X520 520X520 520X520 650X650
Voltage unit
Rated primary voltage (KV) 66√3 110√3 220√3 500√3
Rated secondary voltage(KV) 0.1√3,011√3
Accuracy class  0.2,0.5,1.0,3.0,3P,6P or other 
Rated burden,VA 100-400 or others
Current unit 
Rated primary current (A) 50-6000A
Rated secondary current(A) 1A or 5A
Short-time thermal current 31.5-63 or other 
Dynamic current 80-160 or other 
Accuracy class For measurement 0.2,0.5,1.0,0.2S,0.5S or other 
For protection 5P,10P,5PR,PX,X,TPS,TPY,TPZ,C400,C800 or others
Instrument security factor FS 5,10
Accuracy limit factor ALF  10,15,20,30 or other
Rated burden,VA 10-50 or other

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